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Top Preventative Maintenance Items for Your Home

Many of us have been at home a lot more than usual.  I know that I’ve started looking around my house and thinking about some preventative maintenance items that are due.  There are many things that are worthwhile doing to get ahead of the curve around your house. In Southern California we have termites.  Additionally, […]

Getting a Real Estate License

The Department of Real Estate, otherwise known as the DRE, is in charge of California’s licensed real estate business.  A license is required to sell real estate in California.  That being said, the barriers to entry are actually quite low.  An individual with real estate experience can sit for the broker’s exam and obtain a […]

To Refi or Not to Refi? That is the Question

Interest rates are at historic lows.  I’m sure everyone has seen the ads promoting refinancing home mortgages.  It’s always smart to look at ways to save on monthly expenses.  That being said, when does it make sense to refinance a mortgage? Saving money is a great reason to refinance a mortgage.  Lowering monthly payments means […]

A Great Real Estate Agent

When looking to hire a real estate agent make sure that you hire a great one!  There are a few key things to look for when hiring an agent. Experience matters now more than ever!  There is nothing more important than working with an experienced real estate agent.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to the […]

Buying a Home? When do you give your Landlord Notice?

Recently I have had a few clients who happen to be purchasing their very first home.  Working with first time buyers is such an exciting part of my business.  One of my clients’ most common concerns has to do with giving their landlord notice.   The state of California requires that a tenant provide their landlord […]

Making a Request For Repairs

The California Association of Realtors Purchase Agreement specifically states that all homes as sold “as-is”.  That being said, the buyer has the right to make a request for repairs during the transaction.  There is an art to making a request for repairs.  The following is how I like to handle it when representing a buyer […]

The Home Showing Process for Sellers

The procedure for showing a home while it is listed for sale is always a big topic of conversation.  At Market Real Estate we have great guidelines in place that allow sellers to maximize every showing. First and foremost, we never recommend that a seller be present during a showing.  When a seller is present […]

The Benefits of Owning Investment Properties

Owning rental properties is a great way to build wealth. It requires work, and it comes with its share of headaches, but long-term, owning investment properties has proven to be a real winner! First and foremost, when you own an investment property, the tenant is paying down your mortgage. OPM means other people’s money. You’re […]

How To Write A Winning Offer

Let’s face it, there is always competition for a great homes when they hit the market.  With that said, a lot goes into writing a great offer that is worth of consideration and acceptance. Price is usually at the top of a seller’s list.  I always tell my clients to make an offer where if […]

Thinking of Selling?  Let’s talk Color

Thinking of Selling? Let’s talk Color

It seems like styles and color preferences change frequently.  I connected with our stager recently and we talked about colors.  The number one rule is to be neutral.  Neutral is good because it appeals to the majority of home buyers.  Fresh paint is also way better than old paint or not paint, but that’s obvious. […]