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Timing your Move as a Seller

Many homeowners would happily sell their home if they knew they had options once their home closed escrow.  Selling today might be a seller’s best opportunity to cash in on a hot market, but where does that seller go next?  When would this seller vacate their home?  There are many ways to structure the timing […]

Internet Site Home Evaluations

There are many websites out there that offer homeowners (and their neighbors) home valuation figures.  They’re great for getting a rough idea of what your home is worth, but they can be off by thousands of dollars.  These are the same sites that offer to purchase these very same homes.  Your home is unique and […]

10 Essential Swimming and Water Safety Skills

During the Pandemic swimming pools have become more popular than ever.  With San Diego’s warm fall weather there is still time make your children water safe.  A client of mine, Kim Shults, runs a non-profit that promotes water safety. Here are 10 Essential Swimming and Water Safety Skills by Kim Shults   #1: Get your […]

You need a Mortgage Approval Letter in Hand!

The most exciting part of the house hunt is the actual hunting process.  That being said, the most important part is the mortgage approval process.  It’s important to have a handle on the financing end prior to actively looking for a home. There are many reasons to get approved for a mortgage prior to your […]

Real Estate Photography Matters

There are many important tools at Realtor’s disposal, and few are more important than access to a great real estate photographer.  When we invest in professional real estate photography we’re putting our listings in their best possible light, no pun intended.  The photos are one of main reasons that people setup appointments to view a […]

All about Home Inspections

When buying real estate educating yourself on the property you’re purchasing is of the utmost importance.  The best way to learn about any property is to hire a great Home Inspector to inspect it.  A Home Inspector will look investigate all the working components of a property and provide a detailed analysis of the home.  […]

Swimming Pools and Real Estate

As the temperatures continue to climb in San Diego swimming pools are a hot topic.  Swimming pool popularity seems to fluctuate, but they’re now as popular as ever! When the pandemic first struck, and we’re encouraged to stay home, many homeowners began looking into adding a swimming pool to their backyard.  A pool contractor I […]

You need a Trust!

If you own real estate in California I highly recommend that you create a Trust.  This Trust will help you organize our assets and create a game-plan for your future.  A Will is not enough to protect your assets and ensure they go where you want them to go in the future.  I’m not an […]

Top Preventative Maintenance Items for Your Home

Many of us have been at home a lot more than usual.  I know that I’ve started looking around my house and thinking about some preventative maintenance items that are due.  There are many things that are worthwhile doing to get ahead of the curve around your house. In Southern California we have termites.  Additionally, […]

Getting a Real Estate License

The Department of Real Estate, otherwise known as the DRE, is in charge of California’s licensed real estate business.  A license is required to sell real estate in California.  That being said, the barriers to entry are actually quite low.  An individual with real estate experience can sit for the broker’s exam and obtain a […]