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Staying Touch with friends and Family Virtually

During this time where we have been asked to stay away from one another there are still great tools within reach to connect.  Technology is allowing us to cook dinner with one another, play games, show-off the kids latest masterpieces (or messes), or simply see each other. FaceTime is a well-known app that allows Mac […]

What to do with old paint in San Diego

I recently closed the sale of a listing in Del Cerro and needed to dispose of years of old paint, and other waste items.  After a little research I found out the following, which I’m happily sharing with my clients.  Oh, and one more thing…. No homebuyer wants 10 year old paint cans left behind.  […]

Low Interest Rates Mean Savings for Buyers

Low interest rates mean huge savings for home buyers!  When I bought my first property the interest rate on a the traditional 30 year fixed rate  mortgage were in the high 5% area.  As I write this post the very same mortgage is being offered in the low to mid 3% area.  That’s a considerable […]

The Top Reasons to Own a Home

Owning a home, the American Dream, brings many advantages, especially in the long run. Owning a home is a fantastic way to build wealth, and pass that wealth on to your family when you’re gone.  Owning a home also offers tax deductions on mortgage interest.  Additionally, making that mortgage payment can increase your credit score […]

Exterior front yard Improvements to make prior to selling your ho...

My clients are always reaching out to me with questions about home improvements they can make to improve their home’s appeal and value.  Assuming the working components of the home are in order, and nothing needs fixing, I steer them towards exterior aesthetics.  Let’s face it, appearances matter in real estate. Ensuring the yard is […]

Solar Lease or Solar Purchase or Power Purchase

I recently had a client ask me about “going solar”.  I’ve had a few people ask me my thoughts as it pertains to resale and home value over the last few years.  I figured I would share my take with everyone. The main benefit of “going solar” is the control you gain from having it.  […]

What does it mean to stage a home?

Staging a home when selling it is gaining in popularity.  Our studies find that 53% of listing agents believe that staging decreases market time.  83% of buyers’ agents think that staging helps buyers visualize the property as their future home.   A well-considered plan for staging your home will help buyers love it for all the […]

What to do about Termites when selling your home in San Diego

We live in a desert climate here in San Diego County.  Let’s face it, termite are everywhere.  That being said, Northern California is a different story.  You’ll rarely see a fumigation take place there. In San Diego County termite inspections are basically free.  It’s a no-brainer to schedule your pest inspection prior to going on […]

Off Market Selling Success

I like to think of myself as a connector, especially when it comes to buyers and sellers.  I meet a lot of people throughout the week, and I keep a rolodex of properties at the forefront of my mind, that I can share with home buyers.  Here is the story of one of these properties. […]