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The Benefits of Owning Investment Properties

Owning rental properties is a great way to build wealth. It requires work, and it comes with its share of headaches, but long-term, owning investment properties has proven to be a real winner! First and foremost, when you own an investment property, the tenant is paying down your mortgage. OPM means other people’s money. You’re […]

How To Write A Winning Offer

Let’s face it, there is always competition for a great homes when they hit the market.  With that said, a lot goes into writing a great offer that is worth of consideration and acceptance. Price is usually at the top of a seller’s list.  I always tell my clients to make an offer where if […]

Thinking of Selling?  Let’s talk Color

Thinking of Selling? Let’s talk Color

It seems like styles and color preferences change frequently.  I connected with our stager recently and we talked about colors.  The number one rule is to be neutral.  Neutral is good because it appeals to the majority of home buyers.  Fresh paint is also way better than old paint or not paint, but that’s obvious. […]

Personal Finance… a good book to share

Personal Finance… a good book to share

When I was in my early 20’s and had a fuller head of hair I came across a great book that helped shape the trajectory of my personal finances.  In my opinion the title is a little funny, but the book is amazing.  The Automatic Millionaire, by David Back, was first published in 2004.  It’s a […]

A Realtor’s Network will help you sell your home

Even in the digital world that we’re living in selling your home doesn’t always take place online.  A good Realtor has spent years networking with other Realtors, Loan Officers, Escrow Officers, Attorneys, Contractors, countless other professionals, and neighbors.  The buyer for your home could be sitting in your Realtor’s rolodex right now. Next week we […]

The Pros and Cons of Renting

Many have dubbed owning a home as the American Dream.  That being said, renting a home oftentimes makes the most sense.  It also gives you the freedom to move from place to place a little easier.  It’s a lot harder to pickup and move when you have a home to sell. In many cases, renting […]

Selling a home During COVID 19

Buying or Selling a home in our current environment calls for a true professional approach.  Market Real Estate is committed to continuing to serve all your real estate needs while incorporating safety protocols to protect all of our loved ones.  We also want to assure you that of all investments you can make, real estate has […]

Staying Touch with friends and Family Virtually

During this time where we have been asked to stay away from one another there are still great tools within reach to connect.  Technology is allowing us to cook dinner with one another, play games, show-off the kids latest masterpieces (or messes), or simply see each other. FaceTime is a well-known app that allows Mac […]

What to do with old paint in San Diego

I recently closed the sale of a listing in Del Cerro and needed to dispose of years of old paint, and other waste items.  After a little research I found out the following, which I’m happily sharing with my clients.  Oh, and one more thing…. No homebuyer wants 10 year old paint cans left behind.  […]

Low Interest Rates Mean Savings for Buyers

Low interest rates mean huge savings for home buyers!  When I bought my first property the interest rate on a the traditional 30 year fixed rate  mortgage were in the high 5% area.  As I write this post the very same mortgage is being offered in the low to mid 3% area.  That’s a considerable […]