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Exterior front yard Improvements to make prior to selling your home

My clients are always reaching out to me with questions about home improvements they can make to improve their home’s appeal and value.  Assuming the working components of the home are in order, and nothing needs fixing, I steer them towards exterior aesthetics.  Let’s face it, appearances matter in real estate.

Ensuring the yard is trimmed, free of weeds, and looks manageable is important.  Unkept yards simply look like they will cost money to fix up, and that they’re a burden to maintain.  A yard that is maintained just looks nice and more appealing.  Few people realize the time or expense it takes to maintain it.  Buyers just see a nice looking yard.  That makes a seller money!  Weeding and trimming a yard only takes time and a green waste bin.

A blank canvas yard, including one with dead grass, will be a major turnoff for potential buyers.  It’s amazing what fresh grass does for the appeal of a home.  Sod is the fastest, most cost effective way to increase your home’s appeal.  A mix of sod and plants will make the yard look more interesting, and also save water (less grass), which is important.

A new front door, or a freshly painted one, can make a big difference when selling your home.  A door makes a lasting impression because it’s the first thing buyers see upon entering a home.  Painting is very economical, and a modern color will make the home feel newer.  New hardware will also make a nice impression.  Additionally, new hardware ensures the handle and lock work properly.  There is nothing worse that a lock that doesn’t work well!

Oftentimes, a garage door takes up a majority of the front of a house.  Making sure that garage looks good is crucial.  A new garage door is runs about $1,500.  They’re cheaper than most people think, and a very wise investment.

The aforementioned recommendations will make a seller more money when they sell, and help the home seller faster.  As always, reach out to me for referrals to any of professionals you’re looking to hire.



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