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There are closing costs associated with selling a home.  These costs can vary by county.  The following is a breakdown of costs associated with selling your home in San Diego County.

The seller will always pay their prorated property taxes at closing.  The seller also pays the county transfer tax which is basically 1/10 of one percent of the sales price.

In San Diego the seller pays the owner’s title policy.  The buyer and seller tend to split the escrow fees 50/50.   These fees are based on the sales price.

If a seller has a mortgage on their property there are costs associated with paying off that loan.  There is typically a demand fee and a reconveyance fee the seller pays to payoff the mortgage through the close of escrow.  By the way, escrow pays off the balance on the mortgage.  That task is no left to the home seller.  What you owe on your house will be different than the payoff because of these fees.   These fees cost run about $200.00

In San Diego County the seller will typically pay for the termite report, and it’s pretty typical that the seller includes a termite clearance with the sale of the home.  This clearance may involve wood repairs and a fumigation or other treatments.  A termite report is about $85.00

It’s also common that a seller include a home warranty with the sale of their home.  The seller purchases the warranty through the close of escrow, but has nothing to do with acting on the warranty if work is needed in the future.  Home warranties cost around $600.00

The seller also pays for the natural hazard disclosure report, which is an insured document.  This document provides information about the general location of the home… is it located in a flood plain, or a high fire risk area, etc.   This document costs about $100.00

If a seller is selling a property with a homeowner’s association, then the seller is the one who pays for the HOA transfer fee and HOA documents.   These fees can run about $700.00.

If you would like to know the costs associated with selling your specific home please let us know.  We’ll get the information without obligation!

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