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With home values at an all time high many homeowners have thought about selling their home. Let’s face it, if someone is willing to offer you more than you ever imagined your home was worth, it’s at least worth considering.

Now is a great time to sell if you have another place to go. Remember, a married couple can walk away with $500,000 tax free when they sell their primary residence after living in it 2 of the last 5 years. If you’re looking to move out of the state to a cheaper location you have the potential to put a lot of money in your pocket. If you happen to own another home that you can move into, and you’re not looking to rent out your current home, now is a great time to sell. Be sure to ask us about our trade-in program as well. You’ll get guaranteed offer on your current, home, and be freed up to purchase your next home. This opens all sorts of possibilities.

Those of us who have been around know that every market faces price adjustments and corrections. At some point this will happen again in the real estate market. We know what the values are today, but it’s impossible to predict the future. An increase in interest rates will be the likely driver of a change in home values. If you’re going to be a cash buyer in the future, now might be a great time to take your funds off the table, and wait for higher rates. High interest rates only affect those who are gong to get a mortgage.

Now is a great time to sell if you have a reasonable place to go. Maybe you’re going to combine households, Maybe you’ll look at renting. Rents are pretty high right now so we be sure to check out the rental market prior to listing your home. It might be worth to pay higher rent for the flexibility it offers in the future.

Be sure to reach out to Market Real Estate to discuss your housing plans.

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