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In San Diego County obtaining a home inspection falls under the buyer’s obligations during the escrow process.  A Home Inspector spends a few hours inspecting the working components and furnishes a report full of findings for the buyer.  While every home is technically sold “as-is” a buyer may make a request for repairs.  Inspectors find things that we typically can’t see when viewing a home.  They’re looking at wiring, framing, plumbing, and roofing.  Let’s face it, no buyer is walking through a home with a ladder or taking the cover off an outlet to inspect wiring.

When requesting the seller of a home address inspection findings it is best to focus on health and safety matters.  Building codes change every year, but that doesn’t mean an owner of a home is required to meet new standards.   The following are items that we have had success with getting addressed by a seller:

Ensure a properly wired electrical panel, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets near water, the exterior, and garage, and enclosed junction boxes.

Ensure properly working water shutoff valves for toilets and faucets, properly working shower diverters, properly seated and sealed toilets.  It’s also reasonable to expect that any leaking pipes will be fixed.

Ensure a fire-rated garage access doors that self close and have a proper burn time.

Ensure a properly working garage vehicle door with sensors.

Ensure properly sealed roof penetrations, and no active leaks overhead.

Ensure a properly working HVAC unit

Ensure a clean chimney with no structural deficiencies.

As you can see, we’re not suggesting that a seller of a home would ever paint walls or remove popcorn ceilings.  A buyer should not expect a seller to remove led paint, replace a fence, or install a railing with the right distance between balusters.  Sellers typically don’t address items that are in plain site for buyers to see when looking at a home.

One way to avoid any surprises in escrow is for a seller to obtain a home inspection prior to listing their home for sale.  The seller can then share the inspection with interested buyers prior to them making an offer.  If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market and you would like to do a walk-through to review potential inspection findings reach out to us.


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