In today’s real estate market it makes sense to make a few home improvements prior to listing your home for sale.  That being said, you can always sell “as-is” too!  Today’s buyers use every dollar they have to come up with their down payment.  More often than not, buyers have no more money leftover for home improvements.  That being said, here are my “Go-To” improvements that will net sellers more money when they sell.

A fresh coat of paint is always a good idea.  Let’s face it, the popular colors in a home change every few years.  in the mid 2000’s the softer yellow and tan tones were in.  Today it is all about the cooler colors, like gray and different versions of off white.  Paint is something many people can do on their own, but it’s also a relatively cheap project to pay a professional to complete.  Here is a color scheme that we have been using the last few years…


New flooring is a great way to improve your home’s value and net more money when you sell.  There are new products out there that didn’t exist a few years ago.  Tile that looks like wood is very popular.  The same goes for interlocking vinyl floors.  The color is just as important as the material.  A neutral carpet that matches the paint is very important.  If you’ve had a pet it’s important to sell a home that doesn’t have a lot of pet wear, and flooring is a great place to make that happen.  This is the same paint color as the photo above, but with interlocking vinyl flooring.

A deep clean of older tile floors can make them look brand new.  We can mop a floor all we want, but steam cleaning makes them shine.  The same person that professionally cleans your carpets can clean your tile floors.

In San Diego we’re required to have water conserving plumbing fixtures when selling a home.  Replacing old faucets and toilets also creates an aesthetic appeal.  Also, the first generation of low flow toilets don’t function that well.  Replacing them is not a bad idea.  By the way, everyone likes a white toilet.  I’ve showed thousands of homes to my clients over the years and have yet to find a buyer who likes a black, pink, or green toilet.

There many addition projects you can take on prior to sale, but the aforementioned projects make a world of difference for your bottom line!  Selling a home that a buyer can move into is a difference maker.  A buyer can move in and tackle bigger projects later, but these buy them time.

As always, reach out to me to discuss your home and we’ll come up with a game plan that is best for you.  I provide the capital to you, so there is no out of pocket expense on your end.   I’ll also coordinate all the work with my contractors and handymen.


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