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The Home Showing Process for Sellers

The procedure for showing a home while it is listed for sale is always a big topic of conversation.  At Market Real Estate we have great guidelines in place that allow sellers to maximize every showing.

First and foremost, we never recommend that a seller be present during a showing.  When a seller is present a buyer and their agent don’t feel like they can speak freely about the property.  We want buyers to feel at home when looking at our client’s property.  If a buyer or their agent has any questions they will reach out afterwards for the answers.  Additionally, a buyer will know all the great features your home offers because their agent will have them listed in their paperwork.  An agent knows their client and knows what to point out to them.  What’s important to the home seller may not be important to the buyer.  Sellers also tend to be a little too aggressive and sales forward when present as well.  That can be a turnoff to buyers.

We also don’t advise that a seller let a buyer in the door with their agent, and then leave.  Buyers will feel like they need to hurry through the home if they see the seller on the way out the door.  It can be a little distracting.

We like to make our appointments in half hour intervals.  I love it when buyers see each other coming and going, but we don’t want them to be in the home at same time.  When buyers see each other it creates an affirmation that the listing is a good one, popular, and likely to sell soon.  Backing up showings to one another also make it easier on the seller.  We like to offer convenience to our clients!  Nobody want to be coming and going from their home at all times of the day.

We also like to make our appointments with 24 hour notice for occupied properties.  Our clients appreciate knowing in advance when buyers will be coming through their home.  Some of our clients don’t mind less notice, but it’s a good standard.  Making an appointment also means that we’re avoiding buyers that are simply looking at your home a whim, and unlikely to buy.  Serious buyers and their agents will always give notice.

Having a showing procedure makes gives our clients great comfort and creates a more positive selling experience.  As always, if you would like more information regarding the process of selling a home please reach out to us.



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