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Thinking of Selling? Let’s talk Color

Thinking of Selling?  Let’s talk Color
It seems like styles and color preferences change frequently.  I connected with our stager recently and we talked about colors.  The number one rule is to be neutral.  Neutral is good because it appeals to the majority of home buyers.  Fresh paint is also way better than old paint or not paint, but that’s obvious.

On the exterior, The dramatic black and white look has been showing up recently in various projects.  When a home is black and white that allows a decorator to bring in more earth textures, and expose the natural brick or wood throughout the house.  When you do the gray and white, you can do a deep rich blue door or even a rich yellow depending of the style/size of the house.  You can also match it with a lot of deep blues and pops of white for that clean crisp feel.
As for the interior,  beige is not totally out, but lighter versions of that color are best.  Beige is a very warm and cozy color.  Again, it’s important to stay neutral, especially if selling soon.
If you’re looking to paint your home, but want to make sure you’re making the right calls then reach out to me.  I’ll connect with you my designer.  You’ll be in the hands of a true professional.



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