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Top Preventative Maintenance Items for Your Home

Many of us have been at home a lot more than usual.  I know that I’ve started looking around my house and thinking about some preventative maintenance items that are due.  There are many things that are worthwhile doing to get ahead of the curve around your house.

In Southern California we have termites.  Additionally, any wood structure is bound to have some rot, it just happens!  Connecting with a termite company who also covers repairs is one of the top things a homeowner can do to keep their house in good shape.

Most homeowners do not do maintenance on their roofs.  Instead, they wait for a leak, which typically takes place in the winter, at which time all roofers are busy.  Summer is a great time to call on a roofer to inspect your roof and take care of maintenance items, like replacing ridge caps and sealing all penetrations.  If your home has skylights maintenance on them is a must!

Replacing the water shutoff valves at your sinks and toilets is a great way to avoid issues in the future.  The new water shutoff valves are quarter-turn units.  These are much easier to operate, and less likely to get stuck like the old ones.  We all need the ability to easily shutoff the water at our sinks and toilets.  While the plumber is out have him or her check on your water heater too.  Everyone waits until the water heater starts to leak to replace it.  A plumber will tell you if you’re in need of a new one.  Furthermore, planning ahead is a lot better than a cold shower while waiting for a new one to be installed during an emergency.

Lastly, having an electrician service the electrical panel and make sure the GFCI outlets are working properly where required will bring any homeowner peace of mind.  This is an especially great idea for older homes that were not built to today’s standards.  While we’re thinking electrical, make sure you have a carbon monoxide on each level of your home, and smoke detectors in the hallway and inside each bedroom.

As always, reach out to me a referral to any of the above mentioned professionals.  I’m happy to share!



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